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Promote Your Restaurant Without Creating a Discount Image

One of the biggest concerns we hear from restaurant owners like you is how to promote your business and avoid creating a discount image.

It’s the big dilemma in online marketing – whether it be email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, your website… That’s because of the challenge restaurants have limiting online offers to a single use.  That is until now.  Read on…

The key to successfully promoting your restaurant boils down to these simple formulas:

  • Limit One Coupon Per Customer = Promotion
  • Unlimited Coupon Use Per Customer = Discount

Your customers join your email club, become fans or follow you primarily for the promise of great offers.

But if you send great offers every month that your customers can use over and over – you will create a discount image.

There are two important things you can do to avoid a discount image.
- Write creative and effective offers
- Restrict coupon usage

Let’s first look at the retail business. They have figured this problem out.

Retailers restrict offers by emailing coupons that are specific to individual customers. Retailers have the luxury of fully integrated POS systems and bar code readers that make redemption at the POS easy and fraud proof.

Retailers get customers in the door and don’t worry that their regular customers will be using the same offer over and over. Once their customer uses the coupon the POS system records the use and won’t let them use it again.

Restricting usage sends a great message to your customer. “Hey this is a great offer and we only want you to use it once.”

You are well aware of the problem in the restaurant business. The POS system and the email marketing system don’t talk to one another.

The solutions up to now have been:

  • Costly integrations that take months to implement and are restricted to only the largest of chains.
  • Loyalty systems that appeal to only the most loyal customers.
  • Restricting the printing of coupons (I’ve always found this a silly solution. So easy to get around and your customers today want to show coupons on their smartphone.)

Well today is a new day…read on…

With our coupon/promotion system now you can:
- Limit coupons to a single use without POS integration
- Allow customers to redeem coupons from their smartphone
- Redeem coupons as fast as accepting a paper coupon
- Control customer and employee coupon fraud

And, let me repeat – no expensive and time consuming POS upgrades. Zero.

Let’s take a look at what your customer will experience…

The image below shows a coupon that was emailed to your customer from your email club. Your customer accessed the coupon by clicking the coupon link in your email marketing message.  (Note: All demonstration images will be from an iPhone so you can see that everything is formatted and designed for smartphones.)

The Offer Coupon

Notice that the coupon is personalized with the customer’s name and email address. The coupon clearly states that it can be used only once and tells your customer they haven’t used it yet. If you use online ordering your customer can access the online order link right from the coupon. I also love how smartphones automatically turn phone numbers into hyperlinks making it easy to call your restaurant.

Every coupon is assigned a unique offer code in our database by customer. When your customer stops in to redeem the coupon they can show it to you on their smartphone and in a few second process your customer redeems the coupon without their smartphone leaving their hands.

Let’s look at how easy the redemption process is…

Coupon Redemption

Your customer touches the offer code, then the redeem now button and the coupon is redeemed.  It takes seconds.

It only takes one visit to your restaurant for your customer to realize that you are serious about limiting coupons. And since the smartphone never leaves your customers hands they feel pretty silly trying to redeem a coupon they have already used.

If your customer brings in a printed coupon we have a simple app that you enter the redemption code in a single field and the redemption process works just as if the customer touched the “redeem now” button.

What’s great about this redemption process is it is as fast as accepting a printed coupon and reviewing the coupon to make sure it is valid. There are also other double checks to protect against customer and employee coupon fraud that we won’t get into here. Just know customer and employee coupon fraud ends now.

But just as important as restricting the coupon is for you – your customers will love they can use their smartphone to redeem coupons.

Here’s what your customer will love:
- The Convenience – no more printing
- The comfort of never leaving the coupon at home
- The ability to find the coupon quickly

Let’s looks at the last point – The ability to find your coupon quickly.  This next feature is what your customers will really love…

Nothing drives  your customer crazier than to leave your coupon at home (other than being asked to print an entire email message in color just to get the coupon.)

Sure they can find the email message you sent to them. But if it’s three weeks later it’s a good possibility the email is buried in their smartphone email.

Everyone knows that it is much easier finding and retrieving a text message.  That’s why retailers allow their customers to text a coupon they find on their website to their phone.

Let’s look at how easy it is for your customer to text the coupon to their phone…

Text 2 Me Coupon Feature

If you use our text marketing service we can include a text opt-in message. Something like – “Text PIZZA to 55555 to opt-in…” And when they opt-in you now have a new member to your text club.

Okay, your customer is delighted. A great offer they can use at your restaurant and they won’t leave it at home.

And you’re delighted.  You’re getting more new customers in the door without creating a discount image.

So now start to think about the promotion possibilities and offers that you may have been reluctant to run in the past.

Now you can run great offers like:
- Special Offers to drive short term business
- Try our new menu item at a great price
- Free appetizer or free dessert
- Combo deals
- Value deals
- Bring a friend deals
- Grand opening deals
- Customer appreciation deals
- And more…

You can also have much better control over special coupons like:
- Birthday Coupons
- Welcome to the email club offers

Some restaurants encourage multiple uses of coupons. We recommend that you redeem all of your coupons – even non-restricted.

When you redeem all of your offers you will have a whole new level of knowledge that you have not had in the past.

Most restaurant owners like you could care less how many people clicked on the coupon.

What you really want to know is:
- How many customers came in the door
- What marketing channels work the best.
- Who are your biggest coupon users

And with our reporting you will…
- Know WHO used the coupon
- Know HOW MANY coupons a particular customer has used over time
- Know WHERE your customers found your coupon – email, Facebook, Twitter
- Know WHO shared the coupon, WHO they shared it with, and WHERE they shared it.

Making all of this happen is much easier and faster than you think.

Basically you use our email marketing system which includes our coupon/promotion system for your email marketing.

We have been building our restaurant coupon/promotion system for seven years and continually improving it.

We chose to integrate our coupon/promotion system with iContact one of the leading email marketing providers in the industry and made that decision seven years ago.

iContact’s platform is one of the best in the industry. Superior email creation, deliverability, segmentation, A/B testing, and reporting features allow us to provide a great restaurant marketing solution for our clients that range from large multi-location chains to small independent restaurants.

iContact has all of the features you need to send email blasts and get them delivered. iContact sends hundreds of millions of emails every month.

The transition to a new email marketing platform is an easy one. It’s merely a transfer of data, replacing signup forms and transitioning your Welcome offer email and Birthday Club email to our system. Only this time using our redeemable coupon capability.

If you have any special requirements I am sure it is nothing that our That’s Biz/iContact team has not encountered before.

Getting to know a new email platform is fairly easy. It’s just learning a few different buttons to click. And if you don’t want to learn a new platform you don’t have to. We’ll prep and send your email blast for you.

With our email marketing service you can choose from “we do it all” to “you do it all” and everything in between. We push out email blasts for 400 unit restaurants chains to local independent restaurants across North America and everything in between. Full service to Self-service.

So let’s talk about how you can take advantage of our email marketing and coupon/promotion system so you can start promoting your restaurant. There are no long-term contracts. We believe you earn business everyday just like you do at your restaurant.

Are you interested in learning more?

Complete our interest form and let us know how you do things today, what’s working, what’s not working, and what things do you wish you could do.

After we receive the interest form we’ll get you a price estimate to use our email marketing system that includes the only POS-less coupon redemption system that is this simple and easy.

Click on: Coupon/Promotion System with Email Marketing Interest Form

You can always call us toll free at 866-575-4769 x1 to speak with a rep. Feel free to leave a number if all reps are busy and we will get back with you.

Think of the new promotional opportunities when you can confidently restrict coupon usage.

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