Accept smartphone coupons in your restaurant email marketing with confidence.


Limit smartphone coupons to a single use by customer with no POS integration required. Redeemed coupons are no longer accessible by customers.


Redeem coupons right from your customer’s smartphone in seconds while controlling employee and customer coupon fraud.

restaurant email marketing smartphone coupons
restaurant email marketing

Delight your restaurant email marketing customers with smartphone coupons you redeem in seconds.

Take your restaurant email marketing to a new level.

  • Protect your brand from a discount image by limiting offers to a single use

  • Redeem coupons with the smartphone never leaving your customer’s hands

  • Target coupon offers by region or location with location specific coupons

Click Here and See How to Email Market with Smartphone Friendly Coupons 

Eliminate Coupon Fraud

Expired restaurant coupons disappear

Tracking codes prevent employee fraud

Restaurant location address on coupons

Limit Coupons to Single Use

No add’l equipment or software required

Redeemed coupons record customer info

Records date/time redeemed

Easy to Implement

Restaurant coupons are created for you

Simple redemption takes seconds

No manager approval of coupons req’d

Combine your restaurant email marketing with FansRave® location listings and…

  • Build your online SEO for each location

  • Build more website traffic from your FansRave® listings

  • Make it easy for customers to find your latest offers

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